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Physicians oftentimes face burnout in their jobs. Whether they are working longer hours than they need to they have to constantly deal with difficult patients, their overall well-being can become worn down. What’s worse is that doctors who experience burnout and continue working are a liability to patients and themselves. Let’s take a look at physician burnout and how it is affecting the medical industry as a whole.

What Causes Burnout?

Though we gave some examples of burnout causes above, there is actually a more prevalent reason that causes burnout. More than half of physicians stated that bureaucratic tasks are the leading cause of their burnout. Medical boards and administration can lead them to feel overwhelmed and less appreciated in their jobs. However, a close second would be overworking themselves. Doctors oftentimes work in 12-hour shifts for many consecutive days in a row. They oftentimes do not get a chance to take a break and unwind from these stresses. These constant ailments can lead to them experiencing fatigue, mental fog, and other medical problems.

Balance is the Key

To ensure that they do not experience burnout, some physicians are taking a stand to prevent this condition from happening. Many doctors are beginning to say no whenever they are offered more shifts at their medical center. Doctors by nature allow themselves to pile up their workload without thinking about it. Their time in residency is an example of this as there is little time for mistakes. However, once they have begun working in the medical field they forget they have a choice to take breaks. Stepping away from everything for short amounts of time can help keep doctors fresh. It will reduce the possibility of burnout and allow them to come back to work reinvigorated.

Physician Burnout is a Real Problem

The medical industry is booming now more than ever. There are a record amount of sick patients who receive treatment every day. The demand for doctors to help take care of these patients is astounding. Many doctors cannot resist the call of duty to help others. However, they must learn that they have to take care of themselves at the end of the day. Failure to do so will hinder their ability to ultimately provide medical care for those who need it the most.