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Being certified as a nurse simply isn’t enough when it comes to landing the job that you have always wanted. Networking is a skill that you need to develop over time. It will allow you to branch out and find other like-minded medical professionals. However, many nurses simply do not like to network. It can seem intimidating and awkward if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, we have a guide for you that will help boost your networking skill to help you find your dream medical job.

Social Media

The importance of keeping a good reputation on social media is imperative. Facebook alone can provide plenty of networking opportunities if you know where to find them. Even utilizing twitter can be a great way to get seen. Using the right hashtags will give you an edge in being found in the online sea of competing nurses. It really is about who you know at the end of the day.

Become an Influencer

This is a step that many nurses do not consider. Becoming an influencer in your field will give you credibility to your name. There are various YouTube channels and blogs that are dedicated to nursing and all of their owners are reputable. Creating your own source of content creation in nursing is a great way to get seen and potentially hired by elite medical teams.


One of the best ways to be seen in a positive light and meet new people is volunteering. There are many volunteer events that could use the help from a qualified nurse. You’re more than likely to meet other nurses as well. Word travels fast about job-openings in hospitals. Making the right connection at an unexpected place could be the thing you need to amp up your career.

Networking Events

Many people will oftentimes avoid this option. However, it is an incredibly important one since an impression made in person is better than one online. Going to networking events and mixers will allow you to meet industry professionals and make solid connections. These events are oftentimes business-casual in theme and will empower you to put your best foot forward. Don’t worry too much if you’re awkward! Take a chance and shake the hand of a person that can potentially enhance your nursing career!