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Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac

Clinical Administrative Director

Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac is an experienced professional in the medical field. She is currently a Clinical Administrative Director at the Brain and Spine Center at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and a registered nurse. Jasmine is originally from Punjab, India and has used her background as motivation to pursue a career in this industry.

Jasmine began her education at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in the year 2002. She is still a Registered Nurse and is registered in the state of Texas. She then began working as a Nurse as a Critical Care Inpatient Clinical Nurse at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She was responsible for the management and provision of patient care as well as assessing the needs of patients using clinical skills.

In 2003, she began working as a Gastrointestinal Outpatient Clinical Nurse where she remained for just under a year. She was still responsible for the management and provision of patient care but also began using technology for documentation, administered medication, performed procedures, triaged patients via telephone and in the clinic, and managed emergencies.

After spending a few years at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac began working as a Director of Nursing at Briarwood Healthcare Center & Golden Age Manor in 2005. With the promotion, Jasmine developed more skills that she currently uses on a daily basis. She managed daily operations of all nursing and other related departments such as rehab, nutrition and the business office. She continued to perfect her communication skills through her collaboration with multiple departments as well as daily interactions with patients. Jasmine was able to streamline daily processes to decrease the amount of overtime hours needed for nurses to complete the necessary tasks. This led to increased employee retention and reduced spending. Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac was motivated to further her education and was able to complete her MBA degree with a Finance Concentration in 2005 at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

In 2006, Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac became a Clinical Manager for Urology Service Line and Hospital Diabetes Education at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Her responsibilities included directing overall operations, clinical, financial and resource management, physician, patient and employee satisfaction, marketing and administration of Urology and Diabetes Education departments. She managed budgets, conducted studies, and was involved with Six Sigma Black Belts to analyze and re-master physician templates to better serve patients, physicians, and staff.

After spending two years as a Clinical Manager, Jasmine began working as a Nurse Manager of Interventional Radiology back at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in 2008, where she still works today. Jasmine gained skills in strategic planning, budgeting and administration through this role. Her daily tasks included nursing as well as management duties that required the her knowledge of business. She made it her goal to improve the efficiency of the office for the customers while also boosting the employee morale and retention.

Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac went on to continue her growth as a leader by becoming the Clinical Administrative Director of the Thoracic & Orthopedic Center as well as the Center for Reconstructive Surgery. She was responsible for directing overall operations, finance, patient access, facilities, marketing, personnel management, and administration of the multidisciplinary care centers. Jasmine was responsible for recognizing and implementing cost-saving opportunities while managing 81 employees.

Jasmine became the Inaugural Department Administrator of Breast Surgical Oncology in 2015 where she managed the medical, academic, and administrative needs of the department. She expanded her skill set through her work with grants, contracts, and billing compliance at a local, federal, and university level.

In her current role, Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac is responsible for the overall operations of the Brain and Spine Center. Along with the duties she has previously performed in her other roles as Department Administrator, Jasmine must formulate alignment and collaboration with the academic departments to support seamless, integrated care for the patients.

When Jasmine is not working, she can be found spending time with her two daughters, her partner, or traveling. One of her biggest passions in life is food and travel and hopes to open a restaurant that can combine these two loves in the future.

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